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Registered NDIS Service Provider and Complies with the NSW Disability Services Standards (ADHC Service Providers)

Under the NSW Disability Services Standards Universal Care Connections met all criteria with very high standards and is is proud to uphold the following Standards:

Standard 1 | Each person receives a service that promotes and respects their legal and human rights and enables them to exercise choice like everyone else in the community.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • Universal’ Care Connections P/L are very staunch advocates for the rights of the people they support.
  • Currently undergoing accreditation against the OCG standards for children’s services
  • All policies have been developed around the disability service standards and reflect contemporary practice
    and a high level of monitoring of human rights is in place .
  • Observations of staff and client interactions evidenced mutual respect
  • Plain English client handbook in place that provides information to service users.
  • The vision and mission statements work to support people to exercise their rights including self-reliance
    within their community.


Standard 2 | Each person is encouraged and supported to contribute to social and civic life in their communities in the way they choose.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • UCC has an indigenous liaison officer place who identifies with the local peoples to foster greater links to
    the local indigenous communities.
  • Staff and management demonstrated a strong commitment, consistent with the values of the organisation,
    of ensuring participant and family members are supported to attain valued connections within the
    community. Examples included; supporting participants to address social barriers, and addressing
    community preconceptions regarding the degree of ability and skills held by people with a disability


Standard 3 | Each person is supported to exercise choice and control over the design and delivery of their supports and services.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • UCC policies along with the handbook outline how UCC ensures the participants are the drivers of the
    service they receive, utilising their strengths and goals to build an effective pathway to flexible respite and
    community access services.
  • Values are based on inclusive principles and implemented throughout the organisation by staff meetings, various communiqués,
    and performance feedback systems.
  • There is a strong organizational ethos in place regarding client choice and the provision of information to facilitate informed choice – policies and procedures are in place to support this.


Standard 4 | When a person wants to make a complaint, the service provider will make sure the person’s views are respected, that they are informed as the complaint is dealt with, and have the opportunity to be involved in the resolution process.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • The review of the complaints management process, including review of specific complaints, indicates that these processes are collaborative, proactive and timely.
  • Complaints that result in service improvement have the resultant actions included in the minutes of staff meetings to ensure that the staff are aware of service improvements are facilitated by all.
  • Client feedback form in plain English and developed around the disability service standards provides valuable client feedback across the standards.


Standard 5 | Each person is assisted to access the supports and services they need to live the life they choose.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • There are strong alignments with other services to ensure that service users have the ability to use a number of services to meet their needs and UCC refer to and facilitate these connections as required.
  • Participant handbook provides a clear outline of entry and exit criteria and rights and responsibilities of entry to the a plain English format and states that other formats will be created as required to ensure access of information for all service users.


Standard 6 | Service providers are well managed and have strong and effective governance to deliver positive outcomes for the people they support.

Our Strengths Reported by NDIS

  • Position descriptions identify “how you will be measured in your role” providing staff with clear expectation.
  • Positive and respectful interactions were observed between all staff and managers and service users.
  • The organisation has an ethos of self-monitoring and improvement with evidence of ongoing review of systems and service.
  • Policies and procedures in place are reflective of the service provision, easy to understand and developed in line with the disability service standards.